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blai barcones i sunyer 柏逸川 is a 3D artist who lives and resides in barcelona, spain. since he was a child he lived surrounded by mountains, flowers and cliffs. always in contact with nature and curious about his surroundings he developed his sensitivity through drawing, photography and writing.
as time went by, minerals, mythology and alchemy were replaced by study and sport. he trained badminton until he lived for three years in the high performance center of madrid.
since then his path has been a come back to childhood, bringing to life a fire that was always latent but, when time went by, ceased to fuel.
graduate in advertising and public relations from the univeristat pompeu fabra in barcelona, blai has ended up channeling all his artistic, philosophical and psychological concerns through digital creations.

his work is the synthesis of internal chatter, countless hours experimenting and the desire to better understand a soul full of contradictions.


2020. secuelas de realidad, barcelona, spain. in collaboration with carlos pareja

2021. nft art exhibition at the block, lisbon, portugal.


2021. miquel llaudet by carlos pareja, vanity teen.


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